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About Us

Mission Statement

At Countryside Childcare and Learning Center our mission is to provide Childcare that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe nurturing, warm, loving and educational environment. We pride ourselves in creating an environment which focuses on the development of the “whole child”. A child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of development depend on and support each other. By creating a well-rounded environment, your child will develop the strengths and skills for successful learning experiences.

Our Philosophy

Countryside Childcare is committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn. Creative thinking and problem-solving will be emphasized in our programs so that each child can reach his/her potential.

  • We believe that each child’s first school experience should encourage positive feelings
  • We want to provide for the development of the whole child
  • We want each child to develop at their own level/pace
  • We believe that the preschool environment should place emphasis on a child’s self-esteem and independence
  • We believe that with our parents, teachers and staff working together we can foster a love for learning

Why we are different

Consistent with our mission to provide childcare in a safe, nurturing environment, we want to engage our parents and ensure that they know the experience their child is having. In addition, we offer convenient services that our parents appreciate. These include:

  • Daily Ledger Sheets for each child showing a detailed recap of their child’s day at Countryside Childcare. From the minute your child is “checked in” for the day, we record their specific daily activities including learning experiences and a special note on what your child enjoyed most on that day
  • Private Facebook Account which enables parents to see pictures of their children during the course of the day.
  • Well-equipped classrooms that each have a telephone microwave and refrigerator
  • One age group per classroom allowing our teachers and children to focus on what is most needed at their stage in development

…and in recognition of the fact that mornings are a very stressful time for families we offer…

Sunrise breakfast, a complimentary peanut-free breakfast served daily to all programs except infants and before/after school programs.

Our Curriculum

The goal of our curriculum is to stimulate a child’s inquisitive nature, expand his/her intellectual horizon, to nourish their creativity, strengthen socialization and to build a positive self-image by fostering the “whole child” at his/her own pace. We accomplish our goals through activities designed to promote creativity, encourage the use of their cognitive abilities and develop areas of strength in accordance with the child’s interests in a fun and nurturing way. Ultimately, we want to encourage the child to be motivated to explore his/her surroundings. We offer enrichment services ranging from social interaction and development to fine and gross motor skill development to reading and math readiness. To learn more about our enrichment experiences and curriculum, click here

"A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark," ....Unknown
Countryside Childcare and Learning Center
  •   Charlene Bonin, Owner
  •   Beth Ann Milne, Director
  •   Gail Connors, Director
  •   Center Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm

Countryside Childcare and Learning Center
4 Countryside Lane Ringwood, NJ 07456

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