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Special Events at Countryside Childcare

Tumble Bus

An exciting way for your child to exercise, tumble, jump and dance! Tumble Bus comes to Countryside Childcare on a weekly basis. Participation is optional and is an additional fee payable directly to Bundle of Tumbles.

Dance and Zumba

All children attending countryside will benefit from our stimulating Music & Movement program on a weekly basis. Our music teacher will introduce children to various musical instruments, seasonal songs & dance, as well as our Musical Munchkins program. Children will love to sing, learn rhythm and participate in finger plays.

Be Fit-Flyaroo Kids

All the children love this diverse large motor activity. This fun class combines energetic popular music of today along with other fun child based songs for a creative and energetic dance time!

Dr Seuss Computer Lab

Entered into the world of computers in our Dr. Seuss’s Computer Lab! All of our Preschool students will participate in using the computer lab on a weekly basis. The children will learn the fundamentals of how to use a computer as well as enhance their academic skills of learning their colors, shapes, numbers and letters through our age-appropriate computer programs.

Special Theme Days

Children will be invited to participate in Silly Hat Day, Backward Day, Pajama Day, Dr.Seuss’s Birthday, and special Holiday events. Countryside is proud to invite all children and their families to celebrate in the Week of the Young Child. This national week long event helps to recognize the importance of early education and child care. he highly publicized event invites parents to create projects with their children, provides breakfast for children & parents, invites special guests to come in and at the end of the week we host a center-wide Carnival!


Spanish will be introduced on a weekly basis. The basic fundamentals of Spanish include: colors, numbers, and their names will be taught.

Chef Mickey

This special will be offered on each program’s designated day. The children will participate in making special treat while learning math & science concepts in a fun way. Additionally, each program incorporates baking or cooking into their themed program.


This is a weekly program taught by Sensei Luis from LT’s Shotokan School. A program that builds self-confidence, self-discipline, physical fitness and fun. Tuition is paid directly to Sensei Luis.

Countryside Childcare and Learning Center
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Countryside Childcare and Learning Center
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